• IWD is a global service provider focusing on the tool manufacturing of wire rod industry,specializing in the production, research and development and sales of diamond wire drawing dies

  • We providing die services such as drawing, extrusion, stranding, scraping and painting; specifically, it includes:natural drawing die, polycrystalline drawing die, single crystal drawing die, cvd drawing die, tungsten steel drawing die, cemented carbide drawing die, drawing pipe die, special-shaped die, stranded wire die, painting die, extrusion guide die, etc. Various types of high quality drawing die services.

  • From 1998 to 2022, tens of thousands diamond dies, PCD dies, shaving dies , tungsten carbide dies were made in DS Hai

  • Laser and ultrasonic techniques are determining our processes. Measuring-wise the micron range is our home. Customer designed solutions and special tools are our strength.

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