IWD LargeIWD specializes in high quality Natural Diamond Dies and PCD Dies using PCD Sumidia & PCD Diamond Innovative blanks. PCD blanks are offered as Self Supported, Thermally Stable up to 1700 degrees Celsius and Carbide Supported.

 International Wire Dies (IWD) was founded in 2009. The owner and founder, A. Simon Farjoun has over 25 years experience in the wire industry, working as a Quality Director and Engineer for drawing and bunching processes in some of the world’s largest wire manufacturers.

Before founding (IWD) Simon built approximately 7 Die Rooms between Germany, Israel and the USA

Simon now offers his vast experience, as a die user and a die manufacturer to help your operation save money and improve overall quality.

He has the advantage of a Die User for making wires in Soft and Hard material.

The profile and the surface make all the difference!

                            iwd7pcd dies 1

PCD Diamond Dies

2009, The start of the company was in Simon’s basement.



The profile and the surface make all the difference!



* Price – We will provide you the best price in the market for the same product or greater quality alternative.

* Quality – You can try us for free with few dies , Small sizes ( 0.002- 0.017) up to 10 or PCD’s D6, D12, D15, up to 3 dies . Take advantage of our Trial Program.

* Delivery – Fast. Fast. Fast. 3 weeks maximum – depending on the quantity.

We have all the products needed to maintain a die shop from ultrasonic cleaner, diamond powder, needles, etc. We sell all the equipment a die room needs. IWD can provide on-site training for client’s and 24 hour service support for all machines.

 We can help you in the following ways:

1. Trouble shoot breaks in your wire drawing machines
2. Over annealing issue / Oxidation
3. Air-Wipe ( Steam or Nitrogen )
4. Draft issues or recommendations
5. Use of the same line for more then 1 finish product
6. Raw Material concerns or issues
7. Filtration systems
8. Pay-0ff and Take-off
9. Lubrication using Synthetic and Organic products
10. Specifications with Elongation/ W/1000/ DCR / or any properties that you need to meet
11. Bunching process
We believe IWD can be one of your reliable and effective global business partners.
Contact us at simon@IWDies.com or simon@dshaidies.com

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