Bunching/Stranding Dies

Stranded wire is used when higher resistance to metal fatigue is required. Bunching, stranding, and compacting dies are commonly used to guide and strand wires to form cables with several electrically conducting wires.

We offer Nature Diamonds, PCDs and SSCD materials for you to choose to fulfill your requirements. Our bunching, stranding, and compacting dies have well blended interfaces and well-polished surfaces enabling superior performance and wire quality.

We produce dies for higher speed, fewer die changes, less material waste, and higher quality than other manufacturers.

If we take our products, we are confidently providing the best Bunching / Stranding PCD’s & Diamonds Dies in the market.

Surface smooth with a well blending from open case to the back relief of the diamonds, deliver a smooth high performance round welcoming to the wires that coming from a separated ceramic plate, with a wide angle about 60 degrees, we make sure the wire will be safe all way through the die and deliver the spinning cage. to ensure a smooth surface cable.