Nature Diamond Dies

NIB NAME: SCND = Single Crystale Natural Diamond
Nature Diamond Dies
as Simon’s says in 2009: “The strength and the value can get better when they are in the right hands.”
It is a family tradition to buy, cut and sale diamonds, since 1967 in a factory in Israel , Yahalome Carmit,. The operation cut brilliant cut round diamonds.

DS Hai that established in 2009 in Norwich dealing with a very quality selcted diamonds stones and we are using a a patent sintered powder to ensure the diamonds will have a good support the drawing process and the rework on the diamonds. High quality impurity to ensure die quality. The nature diamond dies are perfect for drawing fine surface wire with the highest of drawing speed.

DS Hai natural diamond dies have long lifetime and perfect hole surface. In the process of wire drawing, they can work in very fast drawing speed for a long time while the wire would not break easily.

Moreover, they are suitable for drawing many kinds of nonferrous and ferrous metal, especially for wires that request good surface.

Natural Diamond (ND)

Sizes from 0.0006” (0.015 mm) to 0.300” (7.62 mm)